ASSET Research is aimed at the development of capacity within the field of environmental and natural resource economics as well as ecological restoration, and we offer scholarships to candidates to work in these and related fields within a team context. We do this by partnering with senior researchers (supervisors) and students from various disciplines and institutions. Furthermore, we seek to rally our teams' research efforts around real-life challenges and thereby provide innovative and context-specific yet research-driven options and strategies with respect to ways and means to answer those challenges. Being a research and capacity organisation and an NGO/PBO, ASSET Research is not constrained by
formal, institutional or subject-disciplinary borders.
A not-for-profit (Section 21) Company registered in South Africa
Registration number 2006/011061/08
PBO number 930 025 218
VAT number 4150248138

The science, business and practice of ecological restoration are, among other things, also a story about us as people. Restoration, in addition to being a science, a business and a process involving a series of interwoven activities and ecosystem trajectories on a continuum of uncertainty, is thus a narrative as well as a set of intentional interventions. In other words, it is a social-ecological dialogue: a dialogue with ourselves in an ecological as well as a socio-economic context. Only when we look in the mirror, face the brutal reality of degradation, impairment and decline, and start to catalyse change towards societies, ecosystems and a planet in repair, then restoration, and a restoration culture may become the narrative, the vision and the paradigm leading to a new, revitalised and regenerative future. At this point the PROCESS of RESTORATION commences!


ReStory is a collection of restoration stories, by real people, for all to learn from. ReStory is proudly hosted and sponsored by ASSET Research.