Project: Economics of Restoration

The growing importance and practice of ecological restoration requires the further promotion and development of the economics of restoration to ensure that restoration efforts become ever more efficient, that restoration outcomes are increasingly documented, analysed and advertised, and that the benefits to society of such investment types are maximised. Limited information on the topic is persistent and reinforcing due to systemic structures governing data pooling, generation, access and use. This places restoration practitioners, as well as the general public, at a disadvantage in terms of under (or over spending) on restoration projects.

The Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries has selected to address information shortfall by empowering ASSET Research in partnership with SAEON to develop, populate and maintain a database just for ecological restoration and to equip the citizenry of South Africa with a decision support platform to inform their restoration practice. Using system dynamics modelling and drawing from various data sources, the project team will build a restoration database and interface that will equip the user to make informed decisions on restoration projects of various natures and for specific locations across the South African landscape.

As part of this project, interactive restoration models are developed. These models are described here.

Project overview:

The project is divided into the following four work packages:

  • Work package 1 (Blue arrows)
  • Work package 2 (Green arrows)
  • Work package 3 (Red arrows)
  • Work package 4 (Orange arrows)

The primary purpose of the project is to increase stakeholders’ awareness and use of data on restoration as well as its economics by engaging the stakeholders in the process of interface development and directly through use of the interface.


The team:

Rozanne Peacock

Rozanne Peacock - Project manager; Evironmental economics

Khulukazi Hlalukana

Khulukazi Hlalukana - Graphical Information Systems & remote sensing

Luleka Mdweshu

Luleka Mdweshu - Restoration ecology

Tafadzwa Chiyangwa

Tafadzwa Chiyangwa - Agricultural Economics

Yumna Parker

Yumna Parker - System Dynamics Modelling