Interactive restoration models

Beaufort West Regional Economic SysTem dynamics mOdel for the Restoration of Ecosystems and project Prioritisation (The RESTORE-P model)

The RESTORE-P model uses a market-based approach to classify and prioritise restoration projects that are subject to budgetary constraints. The model evaluates the effects of restoration on natural capital. While the model was developed for Beaufort West it can be customised to different contexts by changing the parameters of this interactive model.

Mzimvubu catchment system dynamics model for the Ntabelanga and Laleni dams

The Mzimvubu Water Project (MWP) includes the construction of two dams, namely the Ntabelanga and Laleni dams. This development is to expand agricultural activity and kick-start subsequent economic development as the uMzimvubu river catchment is characterised by high levels of poverty, low levels of employment, little economic activity and an increasing reliance of households on social assistance. This interactive model allows changes of key parameters that estimates the lifespans of both the Ntabelanga and Laleni dams.